Saturday, 11 July 2009

Soap and Glory 'The Righteous Butter'

Soap & Glory The Righteous Body Butter® is smooth, creamy, and velvety. With skin softening shea butter and aloe vera to attract moisture, some folks think it's a bit addicitve!.

I only became interested in Soap and Glory products recently after Richie Nickel did a rave review of this moisturiser on YouTube. One of the main reasons I'd never sought this company out before is because I normally hate vintage or retro packaging à la Benefit Cosmetics, preferring the sleeker designs of MAC or Chanel. I had been looking for a good quality moisturiser though to use in place of my Kiehl's Creme de Corps when wanting some added fragrance, so I decided to take the plunge and give it a try.

For £9.79 you receive 300ml of product, which is quite reasonable when you consider that for almost double the price you get 250ml of Kiehl's.

The packaging itself is actually quite cute and is reminiscent of the 50s with its powdery pink colour with each design featuring a beautiful woman. The consistency of the product is very creamy and smooth without being sticky and I have found that I can put my clothes on several minutes after applying, instead of having to wait around for it to dry.

This is without a doubt the best smelling moisturiser I have ever used and as Richie Nickel said it smells exactly like Miss Dior Cherie perfume, one of my favourites! Unlike other scented moisturisers I have tried this one does not irritate my skin and the scent does not oxidise or change over time.

Soap and Glory can be purchased from Boots stores or online here.

What Soap and Glory products do you love?


  1. Hi!

    Isn't it amazing just how much the appeal of any product or brand's packaging determines whether we buy it or not?


  2. OMG I want this product! Sounds amazing!!! Eeee!

    Thanks for the review! Now I need to find out a way to get it in Australia! :D

  3. Ohh this stuff sounds amazing (I also love Miss Dior Cherie!). I LOVE the packaging!!

  4. Ill have to look for this next time I'm at Target :)

  5. @Mary: I'm probably influenced too much by packaging to be honest!

    @whitebutterfly01: Try ebay :)

    @Sarah: It really is great

    @Trisha: Let me know if you find it!

  6. I normally wouldnt go for Soap & Glory based on the packaging too *shameface at packaging prejudice* but after receiving a veritable hamperful of the stuff at christmas I'm hooked ^_^ righteous butter is gorgeous, the only body butter I've actually stuck to using :P
    Also now slightly addicted to their Hair Supply which really softens hair and brings out shine

  7. I love S&G! I have done a couple of reviews on it.

    I use the Hand Food hand cream religiously, and at the moment I also use the face wipes and the Fab Pore face mask. xx