Friday, 31 July 2009

Gran Canaria

Hello lovelies, sorry for my absence but I have been on holiday to Gran Canaria with my good friend Will. The weather and the hotel were amazing and we had such a wonderful time. I do have a few recent purchases to show you all but I'm going to wait until my next two holidays (Mallorca and Paris) are over so that I can just do a collective post. Here's a couple of photos from my trip:

We stayed at the Riu Palace Meloneras, which is in the Maspalomas region of Gran Canaria. The surrounding area was beautiful and lined with little boutiques and restaurants, the perfect place for a quiet stroll.

More photos can be viewed at my Flickr.

I will try and update again before I leave for Mallorca on Tuesday, as I have a large Illamasqua and Mac haul just waiting to be blogged about! If anyone has any suggestions for Spanish cosmetic or skincare brands/products you think I should look into I'd love to hear your suggestions.


  1. Oh wow your photos are gorgeous wish I was good a photography/editing you have a real talent there hun! :)
    You look really pretty your skin is flawless - skincare routine post please haha!
    Sorry I can't help on any spanish cosmetic brands, if you have a good old snoop I'm sure you'll find some gems over there, have a fab time in Mallorca can't wait for the next set of pics :) xxxxxx

  2. you look loverly x and the holiday loooked so nice (:

  3. Stunning photographs


  4. awesome pictures, the place looks lovely and so does you. xoxo

  5. nice! the holiday looks lovely so far! island hopping is so much fun!